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When you are ready to take steps to improve your smile and you want a solution that you can easily access from Birch Cliff, Toronto, Invisalign braces from Dr. Parsyeh are the best way to go. These invisible braces are a favorite among Dr. Parsyeh patients because of how many advantages they have over metal braces for several different dental conditions.

The benefits that patients appreciate the most vary, but one in particular that draws the attention of many is that Invisalign braces are removable. Many foods can’t be eaten with traditional braces, and that creates a major problem for those who crave things like nuts, peanut butter, and candy. Some wonder how they could possible go so long without enjoying those things and then, if they do get braces, end up in bad moods when they can’t satisfy their cravings. If this sounds like you, rest assured that you can take off these invisible braces whenever you want to have a snack or a meal with the forbidden foods.

While that matters to some, what matters to all is that Invisalign braces don’t create the same source of distraction and/or ridicule that metal braces do. Whether you are a teen concerned about what your friends will think or a professional who wants a better smile for a better career but you are worried about the short-term interruption that braces could cause to your career, you don’t have to worry with invisible braces. The trays used in the treatment are clear, so your teeth are fully visible without any obstructions at all times.

Don’t make the same old excuses when Invisalign braces are making it easier than ever to get the smile that you know that you can have. Call Dr. Parsyeh today to discuss whether these invisible braces are right for you.

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