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Church and Wellesley, Toronto

Whether you live or work in Church and Wellesley, Toronto, Dr. Parsyeh can provide you with a smile in which you can have more confidence with Invisalign braces. These invisible braces can help you with any number of dental conditions, such as overbites, underbits, gapped teeth, and more. Best of all, they address the concerns that many people have about traditional metal braces.

Of all of the problems that people have with metal braces, perhaps the biggest is how they would look while wearing them. Teenagers may worry about being mocked by their peers while adults may have concerns about a juvenile appearance. Invisalign braces address these concerns by being barely noticeable at all. These practically invisible braces are hardly noticeable. Teens and adults alike can improve their smiles without being subject to the ridicule or lack of confidence that are so often associated with metal braces.

While confidence and social standing are the biggest causes of hesitation for those considering braces, those who have cravings for particular foods may also hesitate to get traditional braces because they know that they can’t have things like peanut butter. One of the best things about Invisalign braces is that you can take them off to eat. This means that you don’t have to go months without your favorite foods in order to improve your smile. Instead, you will be able to eat whatever you want simply by removing your invisible braces before you eat and putting them back on when you’re finished.

Don’t struggle with a less than stellar smile anymore. If you live or work in Church and Wellesley, Toronto, call Dr. Parsyeh today to learn more about Invisalign braces. You will love having the opportunity to get all of the benefits of traditional braces while avoiding the drawbacks with invisible braces.

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