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Crosstown, Toronto

If you live in Crosstown, Toronto and you want a better smile, contact Dr. Parsyeh about getting Invisalign braces. The invisible braces are hardly noticeable and overcome the other reservations that many have about metal braces.

Minor to some but major to others, traditional metal braces prohibit wearers from enjoying many of their favorite foods. Making the commitment to those braces means having to handle cravings for months rather than satisfy them. This can be extremely frustrating. With Invisalign braces, though, you can take them off when you want to eat something that could otherwise be problematic and put them back on when you’re finished eating. You won’t have to go without any of your favorite foods.

More importantly, though, Invisalign braces are hardly noticeable. One of the big inhibitions that people have about getting the smile they desire is that they worry about how their braces will look. Metal braces can be unsightly. At best, they can create a less than stellar first impression for several months of your career. At worst, they can hurt your confidence even more than your current smile. With these invisible braces, though, you can grow in confidence as your smile improves because they will be hardly noticeable to anyone, including you. Your invisible braces will give you all of the benefits of traditional braces without any of the drawbacks.

Stop settling for a smile that has you ashamed or self-conscious and take action to get the smile you know you deserve with Invisalign braces. Call Dr. Parsyeh today to learn more about how these invisible braces work over time to give you your perfect smile. He and him team will be happy to answer whatever questions you have and help you to get the perfect progression of braces to have you looking your best.

The Lumineers Crosstown, Toronto procedure lasts several hours (depends on the oral health status of the patient). A patient should expect to be in the office for 3-4 hours. The dentist has to perform a complete examination before starting the procedure.

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