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Distillery District, Toronto

If you are looking for a great dentist near Distillery District, Toronto, Dr. Parsyeh is the person you want to call. One of the most popular treatments that doctor Dr. Saeidi offers is Invisalign braces. These invisible braces give you the chance to grow into your new smile rather than having to wait for it for months, during which your teeth may look unsightly and be a cause of discomfort and embarrassment.

Invisalign braces work their magic as a series of trays. The trays are clear, which makes them hardly noticeable at all to anyone. With your invisible braces, your smile will improve over time. You will not have to wait months to see the benefits of your treatment, as you would with metal braces, which detract from the improvements. Instead, you can see a steady, gradual improvement.

Invisalign braces are popular with doctor Dr. Saeidi patients because they keep their patients in control of their lives the whole time that they are on. With metal braces, many patients are hesitant to smile and are often self-conscious in social and professional situations. In fact, many people never take action to improve their smiles because of this awkward period. With invisible braces, though, there is no awkward period of limbo between the time that the braces are put on and the time that you see the benefits.

Foodies also love Invisalign braces because it spares them the struggle of avoiding their favorite foods. Candy, nuts, and other popular foods are off limits to those wearing traditional braces, but they are no problem for Invisalign. Simply take your trays off before you eat and put them back on when you’re finished. With these invisible braces, both changes may go unnoticed by those dining with you.

Stop settling for your current smile and get the one you want now. Call doctor Dr. Saeidi to learn more about how invisible braces can help you.

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