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East Bayfront, Toronto

If you live or work in East Bayfront, Toronto, invisible braces are conveniently accessible from Dr. Parsyeh. Dr. Parsyeh provides Invisalign braces to those who want to improve their smiles without the hassles of traditional braces.

Many adults put off improving their smiles – often never getting the smiles that they want – because they are afraid of how they will look during the transition period. With Invisalign braces, though, you won’t have to worry about that. These invisible braces are hardly noticeable to you or anyone else. The first impression that you make on those with whom you interact will improve steadily over time as your teeth get straighter and you wear new trays. This is in stark contrast to the traditional options, in which case you have to wait until the braces are removed for you to reap the benefits of your new and improved smile.

Confidence is another big advantage of Invisalign braces. So many people lack confidence while wearing metal braces because they expect that others are looking at them constantly. They may look juvenile or otherwise unprofessional while also causing you social anxiety. Because neither you nor others will be distracted by your invisible braces, your confidence won’t suffer. In fact, it will improve over time just as your smile does.

Finally, if you are a foodie you will love the chance to enjoy your favorite foods while also getting a new and improved smile. Up until Invisalign braces, you had to go months without enjoying things like candy bars and nuts. With these invisible braces, though, you can take them off anytime you want to eat those ‘forbidden’ foods and put them back on when you’re finished eating.

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