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Little Italy, Toronto

Whether you live or work in Little Italy, Toronto, Invisalign braces are readily accessible from Dr. Parsyeh. Dr Parsyeh regularly treats him patients with these invisible braces to help them avoid the trouble associated with traditional alternatives.

Many of Dr. Parsyeh patients opted for Invisalign braces after putting off getting braces for years. That’s because the clear trays are hardly noticeable, which means that these braces don’t create the same distraction – and potential cause for ridicule – that traditional braces do. In fact, these braces are so hard to see that they are commonly referred to as “invisible braces”. Patients who use them find little to no interruption of their professional and social lives.

In fact, one of the biggest advantages of getting invisible braces is that your smile improves with the treatment. If you were to get metal braces, you would have to wait months before you had an improved smile that other people could see. With these, though, there’s no metal to block your ever-improving smile. Your confidence will increase as your smile improves rather than taking a hit until you have the braces removed.

If you’ve ever considered traditional braces, you may have come up with the question, “How will I ever go that many months without (pick your favorite food)?” One of the great advantages of Invisalign braces is that you don’t need to ask that question. The trays used in the treatment are removable, so you can take them out anytime you want to enjoy nuts, peanut butter, or any of the other tasty foods that you couldn’t have with traditional metal braces.

Invisible braces are just what you need to finally get the smile that you’ve always wanted. Call Dr. Parsyeh today to schedule an appointment near Little Italy, Toronto so that you can learn more about what Invisalign braces can do for you.

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