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Do you want to give yourself the best smile possible without traveling far from North York, Toronto? Invisalign braces offer you that opportunity, and you can get them by visiting Dr. Parsyeh. Dr. Parsyeh patients love these invisible braces because of the flexibility that they offer them and because they get to experience their improving smiles rather than have to wait months to see results.

Invisalign braces are far superior to metal braces. While the results in terms of how great your smile looks when you finish with them are the same, they provide a much better experience during the time that you have to wear them. Most people who wear metal braces are self-conscious about smiling, posing for photos, and even meeting people. These invisible braces don’t create nearly the disruption to your life that metal braces do because they are hardly noticeable. You can be confident that others won’t ridicule you or otherwise be distracted by them in social or professional situations.

Along the same vein, you also get to see the results as you get them. Your clear Invisalign braces allow you and everyone else to see the improvements in your smile over the months during which you are wearing them. This saves you the frustration that often sets in as people experience the disruptions of braces while having to wait to fully enjoy the benefits of them until they come off.

Another advantage of these invisible braces is that you can take them off when necessary. Whether you want to enjoy foods that you can’t eat with braces or you would just feel more comfortable without them for an especially important meeting, the option is on the table. Just don’t forget to put them back on as soon as you’re finished.

Call Dr. Parsyeh today to learn more about Invisalign braces. If you are ready to move forward with invisible braces rather than traditional ones, you can set up an appointment as well.

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