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Gapped Teeth Braces

Although a small gap in your teeth may not be all that noticeable to others, it may make you self conscious every time you open your mouth or smile. Or, perhaps even worse, if the gap is big, it may be all others notice about you when they see your mouth. Regardless, having a gap or gaps between teeth is a very undesirable dental trait–and fortunately it can be fixed.

First, let’s discuss the causes of gapped teeth. There are, in fact, a couple potential causes for gapped teeth. The most common cause for gapped teeth is small teeth relative to a large jaw bone.

The other possible cause for gapped teeth is a missing tooth.

Even if the gap is not very noticeable–or it’s something you can stand to ignore–the effect of gapped teeth on your dental health is tremendous. Gapped teeth can eventually lead to gum problems.

Fortunately, gapped teeth can be treated with the use of braces–either traditional ones or Invisalign. Invisalign treats gapped teeth by gradually bringing the teeth closer together. Eventually, the gap is completely closed up with the teeth side by side. This may take as little as six months to a little over a year to complete, depending on how far apart your teeth are.

With Invisalign, not only can you treat your gapped teeth, but you can continue to eat normal foods, unlike traditional braces. This is because Invisalign trays can be taken out when you eat and then put back in. As the name implies, Invisalign is nearly invisible to others, so you can wear your Invisalign trays anywhere without fear of the Invisalign trays being noticed by others. Contact Dr. Parsyeh and his team today to get Invisalign to treat your gapped teeth.

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