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Overbite happens when the upper teeth go over the lower teeth, thus resulting in a smile where the lower teeth are not very visible.

This is a very common cause for getting braces as overbite can make it difficult to chew and even smile comfortably and evenly. The main cause is genetic. Overbite often tends to run in families, for instance, your brother, sister, father, mother or even aunt/uncle may have it. Some individuals are predisposed to dental problems as well as overbite merely because of genetics. In these cases, prevention isn’t possible; however, treatment is.

Overbite can eventually lead to irritation and gum problems.

The problems that overbite causes can be solved with treatment. The best treatment for overbite is to correct the smile and structure through the use of braces. Braces can re-align the teeth and correct the severity of the overbite so that chewing and smiling is easier.

Dr. Parsyeh and his team can assess your overbite situation and design a treatment plan that works for you. Sometimes this involves the use of traditional, clear braces while other times Invisalign may work best. Invisalign, of course, is clear plastic braces that can be removed at your convenience (i.e. when eating meals). They’re almost completely unnoticable to others and work quickly to correct your teeth.

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